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Police Aur Mujrim Movie Download 720p In Hindi desccate




Veer Bahadur Singh is a courageous police officer who has strong ideas and often goes against the system. But he has a compassionate heart and is quite progressive in his views and actions. He is quite adept at handling difficult situations and is always polite. He is the epitome of the honest cop and is therefore respected by the public as well as criminals. Background Director Raj Khosla made his debut with this movie. It was a heart touching movie with superb performances. Raaj Kumar was determined to make a comeback after a gap of seven years. He had accepted a role in Aashiq (1986) and now he was determined to repeat the success in this movie. Vinod Khanna was also determined to upstage his rival, Rishi Kapoor. Meenakshi Sheshadri had given a superb performance in Guru (1991). Her performance in this movie was appreciated. She returned after two years in Bombay Se Aayega (1994). Music The music of this movie is by Anandji. The lyrics are by Sameer. Singers: Mohammed Rafi Khosla, who was the music director of only three movies, returned with a new and better technique after working with A. R. Rahman for the first time. The music in this movie is the best he has composed till date. This is his debut as a film music director. Producer: Anupam Roy Raj Khosla also agreed to produce this movie as he wanted to be involved in something that was close to his heart. Story The movie revolves around Vinod Khanna's character, Veer Bahadur Singh, the Commissioner of Police. He is a very honest and courageous cop. He is honest to a fault. He believes in the law and would not hesitate to take extreme measures in order to arrest criminals. He is also a sadist and is quite merciless in dealing with criminals. He loves the good in people and is very fair-minded. He works hard and is always very alert. He is no shadow of a doubt, a very straight forward guy. He stands for law and order and remains at the forefront of many police investigations. He is respected in his department as well as in the police department of all the other states of India and all over the world. His main mission is to look after the safety of the citizens of the country. He always wants to find the truth behind any crime. This is just the beginning of




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Police Aur Mujrim Movie Download 720p In Hindi desccate

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